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Kegco Kegerator Beer Keg Cooler - Double Faucet - D System - Black Door

Kegco Kegerator Beer Keg Cooler - Double Faucet - D System - Black Door

BRAND : Kegco

MODEL : K199B-2

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Introducing the Kegco K199B-2, a high-quality and energy efficient Double-Faucet Beer Dispenser at an impressive value price. This stylish all-black Double-Tap Keg Dispenser includes all of the beer keg dispense equipment you will need to pour you and your guests delicious cold draft beer straight from the keg. With its quiet operation and 25% more energy efficient design, this Draft Beer Dispenser was perfectly designed for in home use, and the included 2-1/2" Casters allow you to move it into any room that you want. When you're not using it to dispense kegs, this Keg Refrigerator also includes Two Removable Wire Shelves that give you the option to convert it into a regular Refrigerator/Beverage Center. K199B-2 Beer Keg Coolers also have other great features that you've come to expect from Kegco Beer Refrigerators, like a Removable Drip Tray for collecting spills, a textured counter-top with an attractive Metal Guard Rail to keep your beer mugs and glasses from sliding off, and a Stainless Steel Interior Floor Mat for long lasting durability. These Kegco K199B-2 Double Tap Kegerators include all of the necessary draft beer dispensing parts, which can all be customized to fit your needs. These draft beer parts include a Dual Faucet Commercial-Grade 15" Chrome Plated Metal Draft Beer Tower, two "D" System Domestic Sankey Keg Couplers, a 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank, and a Single Gauge Regulator with air distributor for two kegs. The Single Gauge Regulator measures Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI), features a Safety Blow Off at 55-65 PSI, and comes with a flow control inlet nipple filter as well as a permanent Quad-Ring Inlet Seal. The two Sankey Keg Couplers are designed to fit most of your favorite Domestic beer kegs. Please Note: The aluminum 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder ships empty and does not come filled, so you will need to get it filled locally. It should be good for about 5-6 kegs when filled.

Product Feature

  • INCLUDES COMPLETE KEG TAPPING KIT: With this Kegco beer keg dispenser, you get everything you need to begin dispensing delicious draft beer straight from a keg. The two tap dispense system includes a brand new 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank, a single gauge CO2 regulator with air distributor, two D system lever handle keg couplers that can tap all domestic kegs, a 3" diameter dual faucet chrome plated metal draft tower, and two chrome beer faucets with brass levers. The CO2 tank ships empty.
  • LARGE INTERIOR: This keg cooler has a spacious interior that can accommodate one full size, straight pony, or quarter slim keg, and up to two sixth slim, strap handle, or rubber home-brew kegs (it will not hold bevel or rubber kegs, commonly used by Miller and Coors). If you need additional cold storage when not dispensing kegs, two removable wire shelves are included to allow you to easily convert this keg refrigerator into an all-refrigerator or beverage center.
  • SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: Your kegs are housed in a sleek black cabinet with a decorative black door, which is sure to look great in any room of your home. This unit also features a textured serving countertop with an attractive metal safety rail that keeps your glasses and beer mugs from sliding off, as well as an easy-to-clean removable drip tray that collects spills to make clean-up a breeze. The 2-1/2" locking casters allow you to easily move this keg dispenser anywhere you need it.
  • POWERFUL AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COOLING TECHNOLOGY: This beer cooler was designed for ultra-quiet performance, and features a 25% more energy efficient design that saves you money each month on your electricity bill while delivering powerful cooling. A temperature control dial conveniently located inside of the cabinet allows you to adjust the internal temperature between 34 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can store and dispense your beers at their ideal temperatures.
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: This UL listed kegerator is made up of high-quality draft beer components, ensuring superior performance and long-lasting reliability. A steel floor mat evenly distributes the weight of your keg to help prevent damage to the interior liner, and allows your kegs to glide smoothly in and out while loading and unloading. This draft beer dispenser measures 33" H x 20" W x 25.5" D.

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